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By Hieromonk Damascene

No longer earlier has the traditional knowledge of Lao Tzu been offered along the otherworldly revelation of Jesus Christ in a fashion that encompasses the complete importance of either. Christ the everlasting Tao offers the Tao Teh Ching as a foreshadowing of what will be published through Christ, and Lao Tzu himself as a Far-Eastern prophet of Christ the incarnate God.

Through heretofore unpublished translations and teachings of Gi-ming Shien -- possibly the best chinese language thinker to have ever come to the West -- this e-book uncovers the esoteric center of the Tao Teh Ching. Then, throughout the transmission of mystics of the traditional Christian East, Lao Tzu's instructing is introduced right into a new measurement, exploding with new meanings. Christ, in flip, is noticeable in a distinct mild, His natural picture shining within the readability of Lao Tzu's intuitive imaginative and prescient.

With its sensible, time-tested recommendation on tips to unite oneself with the incarnate Tao and obtain uncreated Teh, this is often either a philosophical source-book and a non secular handbook, touching the guts and best one to profound inward transformation. it's a long-awaited solution to people who, having became clear of glossy Western "churchianity," are attracted to the freshness, directness and ease of Lao Tzu, and whilst are surprisingly, inexplicably drawn again to the all-compelling fact of Jesus Christ.

The booklet is decorated with chinese language calligraphy and seals (created in particular for it by way of famous chinese language artists), and with conventional chinese language work of the lifetime of Christ.

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