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By Mark Roncace

The Bible is dynamic and strong. however the strong e-book isn’t continuously sturdy. it may be complicated, hectic, and infrequently downright grotesque. So it’s been censored. It’s been robbed of its good looks and fact . . . by way of the church. Preachers of each ilk and denomination cook dinner the booklet, boiling away the ugly and unpalatable passages. They by no means inform you that God could be a misogynistic, genocidal maniac, that Jesus encourages self-castration, that the Easter tales within the 4 Gospels are incompatible, that Paul used to be improper approximately Jesus’ moment coming, and that the Bible doesn't forbid abortion or premarital sex.

fast paced, hard-hitting, and unique, Raw Revelation calls Christians to withstand the attractively packaged and processed Scripture and to dig in and deal truthfully with the messy and tasteless features of the all traditional observe of God. As Jesus himself says, believers are “to continue to exist every note that proceeds from the mouth of God,” not just the phrases conscientiously chosen and clean upd for Sunday sermons and sound bites. despite your ideals (or non belief), this booklet bargains lots of nutrition for proposal. At a time while wars are fought over spiritual variations, whilst the shut organization of Christianity and American politics places the Bible within the public sq., and while many folks all over the world proceed to think within the Bible (even in the event that they haven't learn it), every person may still understand the uncensored content material of the world’s all time top vendor. So right here it's. actual. uncooked. Scripture.

one hundred pc of the proceeds from this booklet may be given to overseas Christian firms.

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