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This vintage and renowned advent to the sciences constructed to interpret and comprehend Islam's holy publication is perfect for all severe scholars of the Koran. distinctive, but accomplished, it covers the conventional disciplines, together with the that means and contexts of revelation, the heritage and transmission of the textual content, and exegesis, in addition to extra modern subject matters just like the recording of the Koran, the background of Orientalist techniques, and a survey of translations. It ends with a advisor for the proper recitation of, and etiquette towards, the Koran.

Chapter 1: The Qur'an and Revelation
Chapter 2: Transmission of the Qur'anic Revelation
Chapter three: The Qur'an in Manuscript and Print
Chapter four: shape, Language and Style
Chapter five: figuring out the Text
Chapter 6: studying the Text
Chapter 7: a few similar Issues
Chapter eight: studying and learning the Qur'an

Ahmad Von Denffer was born in Germany in 1949. He studied Islamics and Social Anthropology on the Universty of Mainz, the place he additionally attended extra classes within the division of Missiology. His specific pursuits comprise Christian-Muslim kin. He has made a few contributions to scholarly journals and has a number of courses to his credits. He joined the Islamic beginning as learn Fellow in 1978 and is almost immediately operating with the Islamic Centre, Munich.

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